EAT at Greenbelt!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Greenbelt presents you with EAT, a celebration of the city's Star Dishes and Treats, selected JUST FOR YOU!
Order a STAR Dish at any of our participating merchants in GREENBELT and win instant and raffle prizes! To get the Star Dish for FREE, just spend P1500 using your BPI Card at any of our participating restaurants.
Promo period is from JULY 8 - SEPTEMBER 30, 2011. :)

You can try any of these STAR Dishes at GREENBELT:

Barcino - Crema Catalana
Bizu - Toast of The Town: Pain Perdu in Bizu!
Cibo - Cecile's Spaghettini "I'll Classico" ala Chuva
Felix - Philippine Tango; Crispyronews Kawali Chips With Special Dip; Philippine
Pandan and Tanglad Iced Teas; Star Hanoi with Peanut Sauce Dip
Fish & Co. - Star Prawn Trellis
FlapJacks - Awesome News Trio
Gelatone - Starciatella Gelato; Headlime Sorbet
Gloria Maris - Star Birthday Noodles
Haiku – Richard and Lucy’s Surprise
Italianni’s Restaurant - Star Meatballs
JohnAndYoko - Star Victory
Kimpura - Star Gyoza
Krazy Garlik - Garlik Snowflakes Star Pizza
Lusso - Queen Millet's Bouchee ala Reine 25
Marciano's - Star for All Seasons
New Bombay - Chicken Cheesy Nargishi Kofta
Peking Garden – Silver Supreme Pork Dumpling with Superior Soup
Seafood Island - I Am Ninoy Boodle; Dapitan's Pride; Magellan's Landing; Tali
Beach Boodle
Simply Thai - Pearly Stars in Creamy Coco
Tapella - Restart with El Bulli Calamari; Superstar Paella Manchego; Starburst
Pollo Murruna Cousscous

Source: Greenbelt

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