Finding the Perfect Table Design for Your Restaurant Supply

Friday, July 12, 2013

More than any other piece of furniture, the table sets the mood for your restaurant and tells your guests what kind of experience they can expect while in your establishment. Will your restaurant exude urban chic or down-home comfort? Perhaps neither? Consider the following tips for table shopping when stocking up your local restaurant supply in Charlotte, NC.  

1. Measure Your Dining Space Before you even start considering designs and layout, you’ve got to know how much space you’ll be working with. Measure your dining area and decide how many tables you want and how much space you want between tables. That will determine the size of your ideal table.

You may want to opt for several different table sizes, including breakfast nooks, booths, bar seating, or large, leaved tables that dominate the center of the dining space. This will largely depend on what kind of a restaurant you’re operating. Generally, however, a little variety goes a long way in breaking up monotonous space.

2. Consider Number and Type of Chairs While measuring your dining space, be sure to account for chairs. While you don’t need to determine a firm number yet, decide roughly how many chairs you want per table. In some cases, you’ll add or take away chairs, but decide now on a standard set.

This may depend on what types of tables you’re getting. If you opt for a high breakfast table, you’ll probably want two high chairs per table. If you’re going for a traditional round table, six padded chairs will do.

Draw up a rough outline of what you want to be sure.  

3. Choose a Theme or Style Lastly, you’ll need to consider the fun element—style. Because you’re likely not starting from scratch, consider your restaurant’s theme. The furniture can go a long way in echoing that theme. For example, country restaurants typically have large wooden tables, while city cafes opt for small, light ones.

Whatever your theme, make sure your tables echo it. You can ask for help from your restaurant supplier or browse online images for inspiration. Considering different table shapes may also spark some ideas.  

Purchasing Restaurant Tables Once you’ve made these initial considerations, it’s time to go shopping. Different services provide restaurant supply in Charlotte, NC, and each is right for a different client. Consider yours and your restaurant’s needs carefully before doing business with any.

Then, talk to your restaurant supplier about your furniture ideas. Your supplier can help our dreams become a reality and offer helpful suggestions along the way.

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