Celebrating Graduation with a Party Bus Rental

Friday, October 11, 2013

You are planning a party to celebrate your graduation from a local university, and your parents gave you some money to celebrate with. The money they gave you wasn’t a lot, but it was enough to pay for a party on a party bus rental in Chicago. The friends you have made as you have worked earning your degree are so great that you want to get them all together and celebrate the big day with them. It will be a surprise, and you are going to make arrangements at your favorite restaurant to eat some amazing food.  

Making the Arrangements There will be twelve of you, and the bus driver will pick you up first. There was a binder that had a picture of each driver and a little bit about them, which helped you pick the driver for the party. You had to get the addresses of all your friends so that the driver could map out the best route for him to go. The invitation to the party was pretty vague and only had your name on it, the reason for the party, and the window of time they needed to be waiting at home. The excitement built as the date for the party got closer. It was fun, but hard, not to tell them all about it.  

The Party Was a Hit As soon as the bus driver picked you up, you knew he was the right driver for the party. He was outgoing, fun, and seemed to be laid back like you wanted him to be. Finally, everyone was on the bus and they were so excited. The first stop was your favorite restaurant, and the food tasted even better having all your friends there. Then, after stopping off at some pretty interesting places, the driver let you off at the dance club that you all had been dying to go to. The driver would wait until you were all done dancing and then take everyone back in the opposite order he had picked them up in. The party bus rental in Chicago was a hit and everyone had an excellent time.

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