Wedding Dresses and Wedding Dress Lace

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wedding dress lace comes in the form of organza lace , multi colored lace, tulle lace, Venice lace, Alencon lace, Chantilly lace, with trims made of Alencon lace, Venice lace, organza lace, Battenberg lace, rhinestones, and beads. There is always a specific type of lace that speaks to a bride-to-be, and she will know right away which lace or laces she wants. When the bride can spend whatever she needs to on her bridal clothing and accessories, she will be able to look like the bride she has dreamed about. Even with a budget to work from, a bride can find exactly what she needs to feel like the most beautiful bride in the world.  

Wedding Fabrics and Designers
The fabrics you will find under the wedding laces are georgette, Dupioni, satin, damask, crepe, organdy, organza, jersey, brocade, batiste, charmeuse, peau de soie, silk, chiffon, gabardine, faille, rayon, tulle, taffeta, velvet, and shantung. Each of these fabrics drapes differently, feels different, and looks different. They have different thicknesses, sheens, thread counts, resiliency, strengths, and weight. Some of these fabrics are used by themselves, while others are used in layers to create the effect desired. Designers use these fabrics like a sculptor would use marble or a painter would use their paints, all with the event, the wearer, and those who will be watching in mind.  

Wedding Dress Dreams
 When a little girl dreams of one day becoming a bride, she starts to formulate what she will need to be the most beautiful bride in the world. As she grows up, she might start collecting pictures out of magazines of the dress she might want to wear. She might sketch exactly the elements she wants in her wedding dress. As she accompanies her friends and family to the bridal shops to pick out their wedding dresses, she is constantly on the lookout for her dress. She might even become an expert on wedding dress lace as she does her research. Knowing what a wedding dress can cost, she might have started saving for the dress of her dreams with her babysitting money as a young teenager. Families will put money aside for a daughter’s wedding for years as they anticipate what the eventual wedding will cost. They want their daughter to be able to say yes to the dress of her dreams when the time comes.

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