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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What would you like to be when you were little? Can you still remember those days that and what have you been dreaming of back then when you grow up?

When I was at grade school, I have dreamed of being a President of the Philippines. But after I have learned that it is not that feasible to be one, I have dreamed of being a doctor someday instead. I have even chosen a specialization; I wanted to be a cardiologist. I am so fascinated every time I was able to see a doctor in uniform. For some reasons, I have dream of wearing those nice and neat lab coats for doctors. I am just a bit worried, that those long lab coats won’t look good on me since I am not that tall. But good thing, they are not just confined on those attire any more. There are lots of medical scrub sets which you can choose from. But as I have grew older, and found that I am more inclined into numbers, that led me to choose a career on Engineering field. But still up to know, I still have that little dream of being a doctor. Maybe I can pursue that if our little one is already in the high school.

How about you, do you still remember what have you been dreaming of becoming back then?

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