Brief Introduction to Cadillac Vehicles

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

So you’re looking into luxury, huh? You’re searching through your options, all the sizes and models and designs. If you’ve narrowed it down to a Cadillac vehicle, that means you still need to decide which of those would be best for you. Before you visit a Hendrick Buick GMC Cadillac dealer, read on for more information about some of their models.  

Coupe Models This manufacturer has two Coupe models, the CTS and the CTS-V. The former offers a 318 horsepower engine. It is available in all-wheel drive. The latter uses rear-wheel drive to provide 556 horsepower. It takes you from zero to 60 miles per hour in four seconds flat. However, the CTS-V costs about one and a half times the regular CTS. One optional feature includes side blind zone alert, which helps you change lanes safely. An LCD touch screen can also provide navigation and music storage.

Sedan Models If you prefer four doors, you may want to consider the ATS, XTS, CTS, or CTS-V sedan models, listed from least to most expensive. The ATS is the standard and comes with a 272 horsepower engine, as does the CTS. However, the horsepower in the other models vary, as the XTS gets 420 and the CTS-V gets 556. These cars feature Brembo brakes, which have been tested on dangerous roads worldwide. You can also get this vehicle with a manual transmission. The car comes with speed-sensitive steering, which can help to save fuel. Adaptive cruise control and adaptive forward lighting are other bonus features worth considering, depending on how much you prioritize extra safety features.  

Crossover Models Cadillac also makes crossover vehicles, sport wagons, and luxury utility vehicles. If you’re considering a crossover, you can opt for the SRX, CTS Sport Wagon, or the CTS-V Wagon. These vehicles all feature magnetic ride control and Brembo brakes. The cargo space varies in each model, along with the pricing and horsepower. The SRX offers heated and ventilated seats. The CTS features an optional sunroof. The CTS-V has a V8 engine. If you’re curious about any of these models, the best thing to do would be to visit a Hendrick Buick GMC Cadillac dealer to test drive a few.

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