Finding Your Car at the Local Ford Dealers

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

There comes a time every now and then when it is time to buy a new car. When that time comes, there are a lot of places to choose from. Whether you want to go to one of the Chicago Ford dealers or somewhere else, there are plenty of car lots in the area. Shopping for a new car can be a lot of fun. It is a bit different now than it was ten years ago. The Internet has made a large difference in the way people shop for many different things, including a car.  

Using the Internet for Research The Internet has become a useful tool in finding a car. First, the Internet makes it possible to shop around at different dealers in a matter of minutes to see what kinds of cars they have on the lots currently. Second, it allows easy research on any kind of car a person may be looking at. This means the public can make more educated choices on the cars they buy. This puts the power in the hand of the consumers because they can help each other with the knowledge about what cars to avoid and which are the best ones to go after. It also puts the power in the hands of the consumer because of online reviews of the dealers. Of course, this means the public needs to become savvy in understanding that most reviews are negative because people tend to be more motivated to leave negative reviews than positive ones.  

Shopping Ahead at Multiple Dealers Because it is possible to see what cars each dealer has on their lot and the kinds of prices they are asking, consumers are shopping ahead, making decisions on where they would like to get the car they want. This means fewer trips to dealers for the consumer. However, it also means that the consumer has power in making statements about competitors’ cars and the pricing the competitor has on a comparable car. With this increase in knowledge and preparation the consumer is making more educated decisions on the cars they buy and the Chicago Ford dealers they visit to buy those cars.

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The BIG SALE at SM Southmall!

Saturday, August 24, 2013




Friday, August 23, 2013



Bring the A-Team of Steel Plate to Work for You

Friday, August 16, 2013

One of the greatest TV shows in the ‘80s was The A-Team. This was a band of elite soldiers accused of a crime they did not commit on the run from the government. When you needed help, you needed the A-Team. They had this great black van and a slate of stereotypical characters – the leader, the crazy one, the handsome one, and the muscle who also was afraid of flying. Every show, the team would come into contact with some bad guys, and sometimes the government, and there would be the inevitable montage that showed the team preparing for battle. They would make these ingenious traps, and often times, they would be seen cutting steel plate to deflect incoming bullets. You may not need to deflect bullets, and you probably do not have the skills to work with steel. If you do, however, have a reason that you need steel plate in Miami cut and shaped, there are businesses that can do that for you.  

Not the A-Team The A-Team was really good at what they did. Because of their disparate talents and their ability to work together, they were able to achieve a synergy that few other teams in the world ever achieve. It doesn’t hurt that they had writers writing scripts for them, but the point is that even with their team work and their ability to achieve violent solutions with no deaths, they were not as advanced in their metal working prowess as companies who now specialize in that kind of thing.  

Technological Advantage While no sane person would want to pit a technological advantage against the A-Team, businesses that cut and shape steel plate in Miami do have a technological advantage. They have plasma cutters and precision hole punchers. They aren’t using acetylene torches unless that is the best tool for the job. These businesses are set up for shaping and cutting steel, whereas the A-Team had to make its own shop out of available materials under a time crunch. You hire the right company to do your metal working, and you will be saying, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

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Elements of Homes for Sale

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It has become obvious to you that you should buy something in the area where you spend most of your winters. The hotel charges have been adding up for the last few years and you think it is time to look at Deer Valley homes for sale and pick one. You want something comfortable for you, your family and your friends to feel comfortable in. Not only do you ski there in the winter, but you also want a second home to be able to enjoy in the summer.  

Elements for the Winter In the winter, you want a warm and cozy interior with fireplaces, heated floors and plenty of room to have things to do when not up on the slopes. A game room is something you must have, complete with a pool table, wet bar, ping pong table, foosball table, game table, and a big screen television for video games. A theater room is also something you must have to be able to stay home and watch whatever movies you want in the comfort of your own house. The theater room will have to have a popcorn popping machine as well as a carbonated drink machine with a shelf for all the treats that go along with movies. The garages will have to be heated so that when you go somewhere, you won’t have to get into an ice-cold car.

Elements for the Summer For the summertime, you want a beautiful outdoor living area. It needs to have a large television, comfortable seating, some overhead covering, and some with only the sky as a roof. There will have to be water to play in so there will have to be a pool, hot tub, water features, and maybe even a small stream that runs around the property. You love the large doors that slide and create some of the exterior walls, so you are looking for those in the house you buy as well. The windows will have to look out on the mountains. Stone and wood will have to be the majority of the materials used in the home’s construction. You have seen some promising possibilities in the Deer Valley homes for sale you have looked at so far.

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CPK's National Pizza Day!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

SAVE THE DATE! August 15 is National Pizza Day. Buy one (1) regular pizza and get your next one FREE!

Choose among these flavors: Untraditional Cheese, Garlic Chicken, Wild Mushroom, Hawaiian, & Caprese. This annual one-day event only is not to be missed!


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