How to Unclog a Bathtub

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Unclogging sinks is often as easy as removing the u-trap and cleaning it out, but though a bathtub has a trap, it is likely inaccessible, so unclogging a backed up bath can be a hassle. While you may opt to call in a plumber in Tacoma, like those at, you can unclog the bath yourself with a few tools and a little effort.  

How to Unclog the Bath
The first thing to do is to remove the drain stopper. If you have a popup stopper, you simply need to pop it up and then slip a screwdriver beneath it to undo the screw that holds it in place; doing this will give you access to the drain. Once the drain is available, you can either purchase a tool designed to fish down the drain and grab hair (or other materials) or you can make your own tool with a wire coat hanger. Bend a small hook into the end of the coat hanger and use it to carefully remove any hair you can see. Using a flashlight can help with this process. Once you have removed all of the visible hair, blast the drain with hot water.

If the coat hanger didn’t work, the next best option is to use a plunger. There are plungers specifically designed for a bathtub, and you can purchase one of these at your local hardware store. Once you have the plunger, you will need to block the overflow to create a good seal. Blocking the overflow requires the removal of the metal disk that covers it. This disk sits on the faucet end of the bathtub and can be removed with a screwdriver. If your cover also has a lever mechanism on it, you can carefully remove the entire mechanism. Oftentimes, this mechanism will also be coated with hair.

Once the mechanism is removed, stuff a rag into the opening to block off the area and then let a little water into the tub to create a seat around your plunger. Give several firm thrusts with the plunger to dislodge the blockage. If this fails to dislodge the blockage, you will need to more onto the next option: the auger.

An auger (sometimes called a plumber’s snake) is a long coil of wire that is inserted into the drainpipe to “snake” through the pipe until it reaches the blockage. The end of the auger consists of a corkscrew-like wire that will burrow into the blockage when the user rotates the handle on the auger. This tool can be purchased at minimal cost, or a more robust version may be rented at your local hardware store.

If you have tried all of these methods and your bathtub is still clogged, call the experts like those found at to come and take care of the problem. Your efforts and purchases will not be wasted, as the knowledge and tools you have gathered through the task will undoubtedly be used again.

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What Is Better, Fabric or Leather Furniture?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

You are in the market for some new furniture from your Edmonton Furniture Store, but are not quite sure what to look for. For some people, matching the existing décor theme is a must, while others are most inclined to choose comfort over style. Whichever you are leaning toward, one of the very first decisions you will make is choosing either leather or fabric. Whether for a couch or recliner, this decision is best made after a little research.  

Fabric Furniture
Are you in the category of putting style as first priority? If so, fabric may be your best choice. Though leather offers more and more color choices all the time, it is still predominated by solid colors. Fabrics, on the other hand, have long offered endless choices in colors, patterns, and textures. With this variety also comes a wider variety of style options from comfy to formal, which then results in a wide range of quality and cost options. Generally, you find that your cheapest furniture options will be offered in fabric.  

Leather Furniture
For some, a comfy couch from a furniture store in Edmonton, AB, means an overstuffed leather sofa. But despites its smaller range of style options, leather actually offers several benefits to consider. While the wide variety of fabrics offered for furniture can also result in learning the rights and wrongs of cleaning your specific fabric choice, leather tends to be much simpler to clean. Unlike fabric, leather presents a non-absorbent, smooth surface that usually can be wiped with a dry or damp cloth to remove spills, cat hair, and dust. It will not absorb smells like fabric either, and usually presents a longer lifespan than most fabric furniture.  

Other Considerations
Before you run to your Edmonton furniture store, there are two more items you should take into consideration. For one, not every piece of leather furniture is equal to the next. While a cheaper leather couch may have you sticking in the summer and freezing in the winter, a higher quality of leather will be less sticky and better at temperature regulation. In regards to fabric, new performance-enhancing fabrics are released all the time, giving the fabrics greater resistance to spills and stains for easier cleaning. In the end, a lot of the decision may come down to your own personal taste.

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Three Things Every Facebook User Should Know

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Facebook has taken the nation, actually the world, by storm! It’s become a mainstream part of the American society and more people have accounts than do not. You can’t even turn on the television without hearing a commercial asking you to “like” their Facebook page. That being said, there are a few things that every Facebook user should know as they participate in the wonderful world of social media. This includes security settings and application websites like to enhance your user experience, as well as the best way to share content within your social network.  

Security Settings/Safety
The first thing that every Facebook user needs to know is the options for their security settings. The settings are automatically generated as open and public. If you have an issue with strangers being able to look you up or non-“friends” seeing your content, you need to go to your security settings and tweak them to give you more privacy. It’s also always a good rule of thumb to look through your privacy settings at least once a month to monitor changes in the account from software updates, etc.  

Collage Maker and Other Apps
There are some amazing apps available to supplement your Facebook experience. You can find tools at sites like to enhance your picture-sharing experience. You can create collages or edit pictures, add captions, etc. Each of these things will make your experience much more enjoyable and provide a creative outlet for you in your user experience.  

The Best Way to Share
Something else that’s important for your situation is to know the proper way to share items on Facebook. If you want to share information from a blog, especially, it’s important to give the original author full credit and give a link to their original post. If you share something that was not originally created by you, you could be at risk for legal ramifications. Instead, provide the link and give full credit to the original creators of whatever it is that you are sharing. And remember, great websites like want their information to be shared; it should just be done in the correct way.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year Graphics
New year glitter comments, animated newyear gif scraps, happy new year wishes

Animated Orkut Scraps


Wedding Dresses and Wedding Dress Lace

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wedding dress lace comes in the form of organza lace , multi colored lace, tulle lace, Venice lace, Alencon lace, Chantilly lace, with trims made of Alencon lace, Venice lace, organza lace, Battenberg lace, rhinestones, and beads. There is always a specific type of lace that speaks to a bride-to-be, and she will know right away which lace or laces she wants. When the bride can spend whatever she needs to on her bridal clothing and accessories, she will be able to look like the bride she has dreamed about. Even with a budget to work from, a bride can find exactly what she needs to feel like the most beautiful bride in the world.  

Wedding Fabrics and Designers
The fabrics you will find under the wedding laces are georgette, Dupioni, satin, damask, crepe, organdy, organza, jersey, brocade, batiste, charmeuse, peau de soie, silk, chiffon, gabardine, faille, rayon, tulle, taffeta, velvet, and shantung. Each of these fabrics drapes differently, feels different, and looks different. They have different thicknesses, sheens, thread counts, resiliency, strengths, and weight. Some of these fabrics are used by themselves, while others are used in layers to create the effect desired. Designers use these fabrics like a sculptor would use marble or a painter would use their paints, all with the event, the wearer, and those who will be watching in mind.  

Wedding Dress Dreams
 When a little girl dreams of one day becoming a bride, she starts to formulate what she will need to be the most beautiful bride in the world. As she grows up, she might start collecting pictures out of magazines of the dress she might want to wear. She might sketch exactly the elements she wants in her wedding dress. As she accompanies her friends and family to the bridal shops to pick out their wedding dresses, she is constantly on the lookout for her dress. She might even become an expert on wedding dress lace as she does her research. Knowing what a wedding dress can cost, she might have started saving for the dress of her dreams with her babysitting money as a young teenager. Families will put money aside for a daughter’s wedding for years as they anticipate what the eventual wedding will cost. They want their daughter to be able to say yes to the dress of her dreams when the time comes.

“This is a guest post provided to Up Now and What's Next for its readers.”

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