A Brief History of the Land Rover

Thursday, December 19, 2013

When setting out to find a new vehicle, you have a wide variety of types and brands to choose from. One brand that specializes in the manufacturing of sport utility vehicles is Land Rover. But how did your Portland Land Rover come to be?  

First Productions
Shortly after World War II, two British brothers who owned the Rover automobile company were inspired by the military’s use of Jeeps to create an all-terrain vehicle. This vehicle was designed to appeal to farmers, but the rugged vehicle would go on to do much more. The first Land Rover was mostly composed of aluminum, as the steel supply was limited after the war, and featured a permanent four-wheel drive. The Land Rover has proven to be ideal for emergency vehicles, rail vehicles, safari vehicles, and for expeditions carried out all over the world. In 1970, the Land Rover Range Rover was introduced. Around the same time, the company was purchased by the British auto-making company Leyland Motors Ltd.  

New Vehicles
The Range Rover was designed to be just as tough and rugged as the original Land Rovers, but more comfortable for everyday driving as well. In the year of its introduction, the Range Rover was tested with an over 1,000-mile journey across the Sahara desert. In the 1980s, the company was acquired by British Aerospace. In 1987, the Land Rover was finally introduced to North America. In 1989, a new Land Rover model, the Discovery, was produced. Still keeping to the traditional rugged, four-wheel drive models, the discovery also catered to a comfortable interior. It would also be the first vehicle to receive the Terrain Response system, allowing the driver to choose a setting that best matched the terrain conditions for better handling.  

More Luxury
As SUVs became more popular, the luxury of the Land Rover vehicles became a bigger focus in production. In 1995, this luxury increased even more when BMW purchased the company. In 1997, the Freelander was produced as Land Rover’s first mini SUV. The Freelander also was the first vehicle open to the public that featured hill descent control. This feature allows the vehicle to automatically apply the brakes to a tire that is spinning too fast, helping to control the speed as the vehicle descends down uneven or sloped terrain.

In 2000, BMW sold the Land Rover company to Ford, who would introduce the Range Rover Sport in 2006. The year 2006 would also find a focus on innovations for better fuel consumption and emissions technology. But in 2008, Ford would sell to the company’s current owner, Tata Motors. Today, you can expect to find the Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, LR4, Evoque, and LR2 from your Portland Land Rover dealer.

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Three Reasons Everyone Needs a Website Development Company

Thursday, December 12, 2013

When it comes to running a business, cash flow is quite often very tight. Managing the flow of incoming and outgoing money from year to year is not an easy feat to do. That being said, every business owner looks to cut costs wherever he or she can. Some costs are excessive while others are absolutely necessary. When it comes to making those decisions for yourself, be sure to invest in a website development company, as those services are crucial to future success. Keep reading for a few reasons why these services should not be gone without.

It’s one thing to get a generic template and throw your information into it. It’s another to make a custom website catered specifically to your products and services as well as your target demographic. The whole point of your website is to convert traffic into sales, right? There’s a real science to it. Just the simple placement of the checkout button can mean the difference between hundreds of thousands of dollars for some businesses. You need to be able to customize your website on a whim, as that will help you to get your CPA to where it should be.  

Update Old Apps
Throwing an app on now and again is relatively easy; however, most e-commerce sites require multiple apps and these have a way of getting outdated quickly. Who is going to manage those? How do you update to new apps without losing data? When will you even know you should update? What if the app does not work for all of your intended purposes? A company that specializes in website development will be able to help with that.  

Get Mobile
It’s a mobile world we are living in. People don’t surf the net and do their online shopping in the comfort of their own homes nearly as often as they do while waiting at the doctors’ office, taking the train on the commute, or at their lunch break in the cafeteria. You’ve got to be accessible for consumers on the go just as you have to be accessible for consumers at computers. A website development company can help you with that, too.

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Enjoy a Painting and Wine Event

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The only thing more enjoyable than painting and wine in Denver is doing both things at the same time. Art classes can provide a great outlet for your creative side. However, they can be intimidating and difficult when you go on your own or take yourself too seriously. This is why many people opt for sipping classes, where they can let the wine take their anxieties and insecurities away, so they can focus on just having fun. Having a little liquid courage in your system can also help you to more easily relax and enjoy the full benefits of the class.

These classes offer a fun, unique, and affordable experience for everyone involved. Best of all, at the end of the night, you have a one-of-a-kind painting to take home. In most cases, the class will include approximately one glass of wine or beer with admission and every additional drink will incur a charge. Things may get a bit messy, especially after you've had a glass or more to drink, so make sure to wear paint-friendly clothes to the event.  

Date Night

Art and wine events are a great place to go on a first date because they can help to ease the mood, provide a unique, engaging activity, and help you to get to know each other better. They will also allow you to show how creative and unique you can be. Keep in mind that classes are typically around two hours in length, so you may need to budget your time accordingly with your new date. Most classes offer snacks along with the drinks, but you may want to call ahead to verify, so you can determine if you need to make dinner plans or not.

Group Events

Classes that involve painting and wine in Denver are best enjoyed with friends or in a group. This can provide the perfect event for a bachelorette party, birthday, or any excuse to get together with friends and display your creative abilities. If you will be taking a large group, call the studio ahead of time to see if they offer any group discounts.

“This is a guest post provided to Up Now and What's Next for its readers.”

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