Auto Repair and Healthy Habits

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Take care of your car and your car will take care of you. Take care of yourself and you will feel better and live longer. It is easy to overlook small problems with your vehicle and your body. People often joke about turning up the radio louder to cover a strange noise coming from the engine. Similarly people joke about getting old and take on a fatalistic attitude towards their health and wellness. Strange symptoms like a noise or a pain can be signs of underlying problems. However, many people choose to ignore problems until they become emergencies. This can lead to difficult and upsetting circumstances. Responsible adults seek out quality auto repair in Houston before their car has any problems. Most people enjoy having the power to choose who will work on their vehicle. Responsible people also make time to take care of themselves before they ever feel any symptoms of sickness for the same reason.  

A Well Running Car Is a Peaceful Mind

Taking care of your car is taking care of your health and well being. Imagine your car breaking down in the middle of the road on your drive to work. The stress of being stuck in the middle of the road alone is enough to cause major havoc in your body. Your heart will hammer with increased force and rapidity as stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline start pumping through your veins. The stress response prepares your body for physical action. Neither fighting nor running away will work in this situation. However, you might be pumped up enough to push yourself and your car out of harm’s way. Either way this is a completely avoidable and terribly stressful situation that is damaging to your car as well as your physical and mental state of peace and health.  

Avoid Emergency Situations with Proper Maintenance

Happy people truly care about themselves. Think of your relationship to yourself like a relationship with another person. How well do you treat yourself? Do you take the time to make sure you avoid emergency situations? Making time for auto repair in Houston and physical activity are two easy ways to make you happier and more satisfied with life.

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Stay in the Driver’s Seat with New Car Financing

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Many individuals hate buying a new car. They feel that they are at a disadvantage when dealing with the dealerships. However, if you have the luxury of planning the purchase of your next car, it is easier to maintain control. Following are three tips to help you stay in the driver’s seat when buying a new car such as a Chevy Malibu in Wheeling, IL.

  • Be patient. 
  • Shop at the right time. 
  • Use cash to your advantage. 

Be Patient The process of buying a new car is designed to benefit the dealership and wear you down. Approach your buying experience with patience. Don’t be in such a hurry to make your purchase that you cave into pressure to buy before the best deal can be reached.  

Shop at the Right Time If you have the luxury of advance planning, take your time and shop on the right day. The general rule of thumb is to shop when other people are not likely to be shopping. The following times are more advantageous to a buyer:
  • Shop between Thanksgiving and Christmas; most people are not shopping for a new car during the holidays. 
  • When the next year’s models are released you can find some great deals. The new inventory is in, and the old inventory needs to be cleared out. 
  • Late January is also a great time to buy a car because no one likes to shop during the cold winter months.  

Use the Advantage of Cash If you can possibly arrange it, pay for your car with cash. You can negotiate a price that is extremely low if you will take cash. This method, however, requires patience. When you make an offer, make it well below the list price. In fact, make the offer so low that the sales rep will automatically tell you that it is too low. At that point, smile and give the sales rep a card with your contact information on it. Tell him to call you the next day if he reconsiders. The next day you are likely to get a phone call that will open negotiations. You might not get the price you offered, but you can get an incredibly great deal. If not, walk away and find another dealership that will sell a Chevy Malibu in Wheeling, IL.

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Make Your Home as Enjoyable as Possible

Thursday, November 14, 2013

If you are interested in making your home a more enjoyable atmosphere for your family and guests to take pleasure in, you might consider some additions to your home to help create a fun environment. A professional who can help you to create this atmosphere along with some home improvement in Longmont will be able to create some additions that will make your home an environment that is welcoming and can accommodate gatherings or parties, or simple get-togethers.

A great place to entertain in your home is your kitchen. Generally, people tend to congregate around food and this oftentimes opens up opportunities for communication. If your kitchen is not providing the seating options or capabilities for your dinner plans, you might consider a contractor who can improve your kitchen and dining room area. Some ways they might help your dining dilemma might be to include space for seating around a bar area or create more space for a dining room if you do not already have one. If you are interested in sprucing up your kitchen or dining room, you will want to meet with an expert who can help you to best utilize your opportunities.

If you enjoy spending time outside and would like to have options for dining and entertaining, you might consider the addition of a deck or patio to your outdoor space. This addition would allow for a space to gather and enjoy meals on the BBQ and an area to dine while enjoying the fresh air. Your deck or patio solution can be customized to fit your particular desires and needs to help accommodate any situation you can imagine.

While outdoors, you might enjoy the benefits of a fully landscaped yard. A yard that is landscaped will bring beauty and variety to your home, but will also increase its value when you decide to sell. Some ideas you might incorporate into your landscaping are trees and shrubs, grass, flowers, and rock formations.

If you want your home to be a place for your family and loved ones to enjoy, consider adding dining options both indoors and outdoors to create a beautiful landscape for everyone to benefit from.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013



Brief Introduction to Cadillac Vehicles

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

So you’re looking into luxury, huh? You’re searching through your options, all the sizes and models and designs. If you’ve narrowed it down to a Cadillac vehicle, that means you still need to decide which of those would be best for you. Before you visit a Hendrick Buick GMC Cadillac dealer, read on for more information about some of their models.  

Coupe Models This manufacturer has two Coupe models, the CTS and the CTS-V. The former offers a 318 horsepower engine. It is available in all-wheel drive. The latter uses rear-wheel drive to provide 556 horsepower. It takes you from zero to 60 miles per hour in four seconds flat. However, the CTS-V costs about one and a half times the regular CTS. One optional feature includes side blind zone alert, which helps you change lanes safely. An LCD touch screen can also provide navigation and music storage.

Sedan Models If you prefer four doors, you may want to consider the ATS, XTS, CTS, or CTS-V sedan models, listed from least to most expensive. The ATS is the standard and comes with a 272 horsepower engine, as does the CTS. However, the horsepower in the other models vary, as the XTS gets 420 and the CTS-V gets 556. These cars feature Brembo brakes, which have been tested on dangerous roads worldwide. You can also get this vehicle with a manual transmission. The car comes with speed-sensitive steering, which can help to save fuel. Adaptive cruise control and adaptive forward lighting are other bonus features worth considering, depending on how much you prioritize extra safety features.  

Crossover Models Cadillac also makes crossover vehicles, sport wagons, and luxury utility vehicles. If you’re considering a crossover, you can opt for the SRX, CTS Sport Wagon, or the CTS-V Wagon. These vehicles all feature magnetic ride control and Brembo brakes. The cargo space varies in each model, along with the pricing and horsepower. The SRX offers heated and ventilated seats. The CTS features an optional sunroof. The CTS-V has a V8 engine. If you’re curious about any of these models, the best thing to do would be to visit a Hendrick Buick GMC Cadillac dealer to test drive a few.

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Moda MNL: A Style Bazaar at the Heart of the Metro

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The UP Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (UP JPIA) and SMART Communications present

Moda MNL: A Style Bazaar at the Heart of the Metro
November 16 (10am-12mn) | November 17 (10am-10pm)
MegaTent Events Venue, Libis, Quezon City Great Deals.

Good Food. Fashion Show. Celebrity Shoppers. Live Musical Performances.

For ticket inquiries please contact: 0926-751-1868 | 0927-682-7430 | 0917-874-2220

Co-presented by: When In Manila | ClickTheCity | Nuffnang PH |Circuit |Lifestyle Manila |Juan Manila Express | Bioessence

In cooperation with: Female Network | Fashion Intern PH | Belo Men | Gold's Gym | Cha Dao Tea Place
Also brought to you by: Manila Shopper | J.Co Donuts and Coffee | Francis M Clothing Co. | Curves Featured by: Kat Valdez | Bianca Sing | Christine Liwag | Cristina Decena | Arnie Villanueva | Megann Monday | Saskia Sacro | Wicked Ying | Earthlingorgeous | Jamsy Perez

Supported by: UP Chinese Student Association | UST Thomasian Youth Builders | UP Circle of Entrepreneurs | UP Association of Business Administration Majors | UP Beta Sigma Ladies Corps | Adelfe Enu Crea Sorority | Musikang Sikat ng mga Tomasino | UST Communication Arts Students' Association | The Guilder Annual | UST UNICEF Volunteers

Like them on Facebook:
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Watch their video in HD:

Be a Concessionaire:

Editing and Art Direction by: Marty Gonzaga 
Photography by: Marko Yambao 
Models: Pauline Batac | Nicki Relampagos | Trish Sotto | Julian Yao 
Special Thanks to: Patty Coronel 


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